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meet wally.

well, we did it. we bit the (silver) bullet and finally purchased our very own mobile adventure cottage on wheels! we've been dreaming of this big step in our lives for quite some time and firmly believe in not succumbing to the trap of "we'll do that someday", because all too often, "someday" never comes. yes, making the financial commitment was a little scary. yes, towing a 27 foot long trailer through jam-packed traffic, winding roads and pitch-black campgrounds is really scary. and yes, we are going to have some of the best times of our lives.

p.s. oh – if you're wondering who "wally" is: we have this weird thing where we name inanimate objects names that end in "Y". example: my iPhone is phoney. my mac is maccy. my passat wagon is waggy. (wow, am i a hipster cliche or what?) and our toyota tundra truck that tows wally is tundy. i know, it's really, really goofy and ridiculous and kind of compulsive at this point. but it's kind of fun. so naturally, when we purchased our shiny new aluminum adventure cottage, we named it...what else? WALLY..named for wally bynum, the founder of airstream.

Getting Our new Airstream, Wally! from Richard Mageau on Vimeo.