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Review:Skidaway Island State Park

If you anything about our adventures by now, you know we start out late, as usual. We left Thursday at approximately 10 PM, about ohhhhhh, 5 hours behind our ideal get-outta-dodge time. No big deal. About an hour into the drive, we started hitting a lot of thick, pea soup-ish fog. Not a fun happenstance! Really had to slooooow down from the posted speed limit to something that is more conducive to safe travel, around 45 mph. Slow going. Alas, we pulled into a Cracker Barrel at about 1:30 AM for a supposed "quick nap" before continuing on.

Needless to say, we awoke at 11 AM for breakfast. 11 AM!!! OK, so we're not morning people.

After a good breakfast at the CB, (what's not to love about CB?) we made our way to Skidaway. I-16 is a pretty uneventful (read: boring) drive to the park. And, well, here we are, sitting at Skidaway Island State Park.

Georgia's got it right for camping. Huge beautiful sites, all pull through. Skidaway looks like something from Jurassic Park. Wild looking trees and a pre-historic looking landscape sure do make for some interesting sites. And although the park doesn't have sewer (boo!) we do have water, electricity, and cable of all things! Niiiice.

There are, however, just a couple of negatives with the park:

Due to the massive amounts of rain we've been getting, mud abounds in the sites. So the pads for the campers aren't pea gravel or concrete and are a bit mushy. However, after some time to dry out, all is fine. We actually chose a site that was pretty dry compared to some neighboring sites and we were thankful for it. For a non-paved site (which all the sites are) it's amazingly level. No need to level left to right, even though we're on the ground without ashpalt. Bonus.

The streets are mostly OK; some are a bit winding depending on which loop you choose. We were in the Campground 1 and it was fine. A couple of sharp corners in the park in other loops, and as always, you just have to take your time when you're towing 27 feet of aluminum goodness. The streets are also all single lane, and none of them are one-ways! Ummm. This means someone would need to pull over to allow oncoming traffic to pass. Would hate to see 2 big rigs attempt this. Showdown!

Aside from these small issues, man, what a great park! Huge sites, and a stone's throw from Savannah.

We did get some time to get into town to take a look see and get some exploration in. One thing we need to mention is Desposito Seafood in Thunderbolt, GA. (I'm not kidding about the name. Thunderbolt. And no, it's not in Hazard County.) I had the low country boil (half pound of shrimp, potatoes, corn, sausage) and Jen had 1 lb. of boiled shrimp. Simple and delicious. (We had to get a pound of Snow Crab legs as well.) The restaurant is a bit pricey, and the wait was a little ridiculous, but all in all, it was worth it and was a perfect dive of a seafood shanty. Nothin' fancy.

Savannah's a good driving around kinda town. We took a look around at many of the town squares; they have a bunch of them and one is as beautiful as the next.

So....where to next? No idea. Would love to spend a full week at Skidaway since our time was so limited. We were impressed. One thing's for certain, it won't be long before we're on the road again.

P.S. Yes, it is possible to entertain in a travel trailer! We had an old friend of mine over for dinner and conversation. He got to show off his new truck with a fresh coat of mud from going 4 wheeling, and we showed off Wally. Nice seeing you again, Mark!