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Now that Fall is trying to officially ease its way in (and I for one, could not be more excited...I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FALL)  we've got camping on the brain. Some people prefer the summer for the great outdoors, but to us, that chill in the air that begs for a fire at night is tough to beat. Not to mention, it's cooler for the wunderpup, Gus. 

We're lucky to be just a short 4 hour drive to gorgeous Asheville, NC from Atlanta. We've been to Asheville plenty of times but the last time we cruised through, we camped at a place called Mama Gertie's Hideaway.

mama gerties sign.png

I know what you're thinking. I thought the exact same thing. With a name like that, it's got to go one way or the other, right?  We weren't sure whether to expect tie dye and incense or Honey Boo Boo and a moonshine still. And that sign! So "Age of Aquarius" right? Thankfully, Mama Gertie's was neither. Instead, we discovered an absolutely wonderful hidden gem of a campground. Close to downtown Asheville, spacious and clean sites, nice attention to landscaping and site design (we stayed "up top" on the bluff overlooking the campground below and it was the place to be) and a super friendly staff.

mama gertie's site.png
With leafing season about to be in full effect, we crossed our fingers and called to book a weekend away in early October. Success! We snagged the last site available for the weekend, and on our favorite "little hill" to boot. I love it when a good plan comes together.  

Of course, there's plenty to do in Asheville and the surrounding areas. Junkin' at the Tobacco Barn , biscuits at Tupelo Honey Cafe and scenic mountain views as far as the eye can see. See ya soon, Mama Gertie. Real soon. Wahooooo!