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Sheriff Spiffy Came to Blogtown.

we can do better and we knew it.

perhaps it's a late case of spring cleaning taking effect, but we decided it was time for a major blog overhaul. see the new graphics?! new palette!? and from here on out...better content, like:

more stories that actually do happen on the road (and beyond!) but never quite seem to make it to the page. also, more pictures that i am constantly taking of our travels but don't make it off the camera card. (shameful, right?)

we are gearing up for another weekend trip, albeit close to home, to the north GA mountains. just a few nights away can be such a nice change of pace from the same four walls you face during the week. hot, juicy topics of conversation around the house regarding the coming trip include:

- biscuits and egg beaters for breakfast (regular style or southwestern? hmm. these are serious decisions. )
- will the AC stand up to 96 degree temps this weekend?
- will miss pickles (our boston terrier) ever stop having anxiety attacks everytime we travel?
- the "fishtail": our new secret weapon for maneuvering the trailer out of some tight spots and campsites. (try getting a 27" trailer into a back-in...takes some practice.)

oh, yes. i told you the content was going to be better. (tantalizing, even.)

we hope you'll love the love we're putting into sharing the airstreamin' life with all of you.

happy travels,

{new blog airstream image courtesy of steven myers photography, design courtesy of miss pickles press design + paper goods}