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Day 2: What our trips should always be like

We got into our site late last night (as usual) at Blue Water Key RV Resort and were astounded at it,even in the darkness.

What we are about to tell you about is the best kept secret RV campground in the world, if not the universe. It has the usual ammenities (water, electric, sewer, cable, Wifi). But there are a few things it has that need mentioning.

The size of each site is HUGE. The site we are on is 35' wide by 80' deep. That's a chunk of real estate. The pad isn't that entire size though. You see, on the water bound side (oh yeah, did I mention that we have an easterly view of the Atlantic?) there is a tiki hut. You heard right, a genuine tiki hut. Well, more like a cabana. This "hut" has a wetbar. Two ceiling fans to keep things cool. Lights. Comfy chairs. Floating dock. The water! The moon! The view! The view! The view! Have we sold you yet? Actually, don't come here. It's terrible. (If you don't come then we won't have to fight you for a reservation again next year. Muuaahhh haaaa haaa haaaa.)

More tomorrow as we explore both this campground and the local attractions.