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BOSTON and THE CAPE. (and hurricanes, too!)

greetings dear friends!

due to some technical difficulties (meaning, technically, life on the road has been busy, and technically, i just learned how to auto-batch photo exporting thus making my blogging life much more enjoyable) we've had a teeny lapse in posting. no more, i say! we're back in action and ready to roll out some airstream adventures.

i'll admit, our time in bar harbor, maine was a tough act to follow. the sights were beyond beautiful and memorable places were around every corner, but there's still much satisfaction in visiting places we've been before, and our time in the boston/cape area was no exception. we decided on a RV resort – normandy farms – that we have stayed at before even though it's a bit on the pricey side. our site was fantastic. then the rains came. and came and came. four days of rain with no end in sight. so much rain, in fact, that our front window seal sprang a leak and soaked our mattress. now that's a fun time.

the best thing about normandy farms is the proximity to handsome hub's family in warren, RI and my old stompin' grounds of boston, MA. after the monsoon subsided we enjoyed a cookout on a cool (and dry!) late summer night with the mageau clan and caught up with richard's best friend, too.

burgers, dogs and string lights. good times, good times.

cozying around the fire.

we wanted to spend some time on the cape since we were in the area. we decided on a campground in bourne, MA called bayview campground, of which, interestingly enough, we had no bay and no view. (their mascot, in case you are wondering, is "clammy the clam"...really? clammy the clam? OY.) we found the campground to be cramped and the security gatekeepers to be a bit overzealous. you'd think the campground options would be better in such a popular and scenic area, but we didn't find a ton of great offerings. the sites weren't great and there were a good many seasonals (translation: lots of assorted lawn decor in varying colors, shapes and sizes. think plastic woodland creatures).

in our usual fashion, we did seek out the little moms-and-pops and enjoyed some good seafood and summer treats. i'd been excited about these few days on the cape – although my visions of the ferry to martha's vineyard, ice cream at mad martha's and sun-filled days on scooters were not meant to be. hurricane earl (dangit, earl!) tracked his way up the eastern seaboard until it came time for us to make a tough, stressful decision: stay or go? weather forecasters were predicting a direct hit on the cape, and without knowing for sure which way the storm would turn, we opted to head inland to circle CG campground in bellingham, MA. better safe than sorry when we're talking about our home on the road for the next year. ehh. bummer. you win some, you lose some.

the bourne bridge, gateway to the cape.

fried clam sammie. delish!

magoo bringing the goods.
betty ann's dairy freeze, buzzard's bay.

sweet summertime treats.

next stop: western virginia, land of bluegrass and friday night jamborees. now we're talkin'.