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My, how the time flies! We had to do a double-take when looking at the last post from Christmas. Eeeek. Must be more diligent about chronicling our big adventures in the Airstream, especially because we have so many great places on the agenda for this summer.

We're on the road now to Alumapalooza 5, and if you're an avid Airstreamer, you've likely heard of this gathering that takes place at the mothership in Jackson Center, Ohio every year. Part campout, part cookout, part rally, part entertainment and part education – all parts Airstream and the people that love them. It'll be our first time at APZ (yes, I totally shortened that for easier typing) and we're very much looking forward to meeting so many fun and interesting like-minded people.

A familiar sight on the road. Cha-ching!

A familiar sight on the road. Cha-ching!

The drive up from Atlanta isn't terrible but definitely more than we wanted to do in a day. We decided to break up the miles with a weekender in Georgetown, KY, which is right down the road from Old Friends Farm and Woodford Reserve. What a great couple of days. I am a big horse lover and it was such a treat to visit with the sweet souls at Old Friends. These horses are retired thoroughbred stallions – some of them in their late twenties and early thirties. A place like this that takes in "retired" horses (after many people discard them for no longer making money on the track) is good in my book. Their stories are touching and you won't forget your visit with them. 

Here comes "Mixed Pleasure", making his way down the fence for carrots and sweet talk.

Here comes "Mixed Pleasure", making his way down the fence for carrots and sweet talk.

(L) Flick and (R) DantheBluegrassMan

(L) Flick and (R) DantheBluegrassMan

Meet Clever Allemont. 32 years old. Deaf, missing one eye. Bless! Loved him.

Meet Clever Allemont. 32 years old. Deaf, missing one eye. Bless! Loved him.


After making the rounds with our equine friends, we wanted to cool down a bit, so we made a beeline for Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen. Yes, you heard that right. What's not to love? Any kind of pie you can think of, with a side of ice cream. We both chose Dutch Apple with a side of cinnamon ice cream. We chose wisely. Sigh. 



Woodford offers a really nice guided tour and you don't have to be an aficionado to enjoy it. Get there early to get a spot on the tour ($10 a head, yes, it's worth it.) We definitely left with a new appreciation for Kentucky Bourbon and picked up a bottle of the Double Oak on the way out.


We'll be hitching up and heading about two and a half hours north in the morning, Ohio bound. Excited for a week of camaraderie with our fellow 'streamers. You can also find us on Instagram (@misspickles and @AirstreamADV) for the latest snaps. See y'all down the road!