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{insert gunshot sound effect here}

so these are horses, and we're not jockeys, but you get the idea.

yipppeeeee! today is the day! SAY WHAAA? we cannot even believe we are finally on the road for full-time airstream livin'. a total dream come true for us that once seemed like the impossible, and we are little kids on the first day of school with new school supplies. yep, we're the ones running with scissors.

we're pretty laid back folks and don't want to "over-plan" our itinerary, but planning a few stops ahead seems like a good idea. not only do the good campgrounds fill up in the summertime, but it gives us time to scout out all of the "must-dos" when we do arrive on the scene.

our first city on the airstream adventure is charlotte/fort mill, NC. why here, you ask? because we're taking off on a sunday, we wanted a relatively easy drive (translation: no more than 4-5 hours) and plenty of time to prepare for a few days of work in one place. it's also quite close to where i went to college at winthrop university in rock hill, SC, and it's always fun to visit your old college alma mater. i have a good many sorority sisters from back in the day who still live in the area so it's the perfect little pit stop before we head further north. we'll be staying at the mcdowell nature preserve + campground, and we're pretty excited to see what this little gem has to offer. it's been rated one of the best parks in charlotte and is surrounded by an 1000+ acre nature preserve. we'll give you the skinny on this campground once we arrive and have a look around.

after charlotte, we'll be headed to richmond, VA. ahhh yes, land of virginia ham! {ummmmmmm hammmmmm...}

don't even tell me you don't like ham.

not only is richmond a former residence of mine and handsome hubs, but it's conveniently about 4-5 hours down the road from charlotte – are you seeing a pattern here? we'll only be stopping for a few nights, but it's just enough time to hit some of our favorite old haunts {hello, thai diner} and visit our favorite city park, libby hill, located in our old church hill neighborhood. we'll be camping for about three nights at pocahontas state park. lemme tell ya, the VA park system knows their stuff. we've stayed at pocahontas many times and it's a beauty. nice, big, level sites. clean. good roads. good location. we're looking forward to spending a few days enjoying such a great state park.

more to come on our first few days of legit full-timin'. shooot.

happy travels,