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hello, friends. well, yippee...we made it to our first stop on the airstream adventure: lake wylie, NC. great place to visit for a few days with some old college friends and get our bearings after packing the house (and packing into our new house on wheels). we lucked out with our campground choice; you never know what you're going to find and we have been pleasantly surprised by the offerings here at mcdowell nature preserve. first of all, there is NO ONE here. okay, so there are a few other campers, but we can't believe this little shiny jewel of a park isn't totally packed. while the sites aren't totally spacious, they are nice and well equipped, and the location is fantastic. we'd happily stay here again.

home, sweet home.

loving our outdoor rug, from world market.

we'll admit that things didn't start out so smoothly. in our haste to get moved out of our house over the weekend, (oh, the misery) the campground reservation got "misplaced", which had some pretty crucial information on it (like, ohhhh, i don't know...the keycode for the main gate?) but luckily the gates were still unlocked upon our arrival and a precious woman named "queenie" escorted us right to our site. (by the way, can i say how much i love her name? queenie! so southern.) richard spent the next two hours in the hot, muggy, mosquito filled evening attempting to get service via our dish network satellite. in the dark. good times had by all. we expected a little learning curve being that it was our first time setting it up, but didn't expect to be cursing at that damned metal dish until 10 PM. as miss scarlet o'hara herself said, "tomorrow is another day", and we took that advice and called it a night. luckily we were able to get everything up and working without incident the following day.

one of the perks of traveling the US are the friends we get to see along the way. we enjoyed a wonderful evening with some of my old winthrop chi omega girls and it was a total hen party. cackle cackle cackle. what can i say, my husband is a good sport and put up with our girly girly-ness for as long as one could expect from any decent man. good friends, good food and a night under the stars. pretty great start to the week.

the grillmaster reaps his rewards.

su + regina

groot + carie

if you think miss pickles sits on the filthy ground, you would be mistaken.

lovin' our sweet little airstream lights.

next stop: northbound towards richmond, virginia. see y'all on down the road.